This page houses a collection of the articles I have written for various publications.

Visual Modelling: Sharing the Magic of Testing
Testing Trapeze,
February 2016 (p.3)
An in depth look at the role that models play in testing, including the problems of interpretation and accessibility, and how visualising our mental models can help mitigate these problems. This article also explores why visual modelling in testing should be more than “mind mapping”.

The Never Ending Journey: Teaching, Testing, Learning
Testing Trapeze,
February 2014 (p.16)
This article reports my experience in teaching ten university graduates how to test, from a standing start. It discusses the approach I took to help them discover testing for themselves rather than inherit it from others, and explores my own journey as I learned things about my craft by teaching it to others.

Michael Bolton in NZ
NZ Tester,
July-September 2013 (p.23)
Co-authored with Katrina Clokie (née Edgar) and Aaron Hodder, this is an account of Michael Bolton’s visit to New Zealand in 2013. Sponsored by Assurity, Michael taught his Rapid Software Testing and Critical Thinking for Testers workshops, and presented an experience report at a WeTest Workshops meet up.

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